Traditional Service

A full traditional service is the most common type of funeral service selected today. It is comprised of a private family viewing, public visitation at night with a funeral service to follow the same night or the next day in the funeral home chapel. We can also accommodate a family wishing to have the funeral and visitation at an off premise location, such as a church. Daytime traditional services are becoming more popular today, especially on the weekends. This allows all of the elements of a full traditional services and allows for a family viewing, visitation, funeral service and burial to take place in one afternoon when that is preference of the family. Daytime traditional services greatly benefit the elderly and others who have more difficulty getting around after dark.

Semi-Traditional Service

The semi-traditional service gives the family the option of a visitation in the funeral home, day or night, but with with a graveside funeral service in place of a chapel service. This is for families that would like to have a family visitation but not a formal chapel service

Graveside Service

A graveside service is only a service at the graveside. The family would have a private family viewing but there would be no formal visitation at the funeral home. The family would just meet at the cemetery for a service.


Cremation has various options and may be more appropriate for some people. People choose cremation for various reasons including environmental concerns, personal preferences, financial concerns, religious beliefs and more. Cremation is not necessarily intended to replace elements of the traditional funeral but simply an alternative to the more traditional means of disposition. Cremation may be accompanied by funeral services ranging from the most traditional with full visitation and also a viewing, to cremation with a memorial service or no service.

Tribute Funeral and Cremation Services


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